Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Carbon Monoxide is dangerous and all too prevelant in Motorsport

Carbon Monoxide is not only a very serious health and safety concern -- but small amounts of CO can also negatively affect driver and crew performance. Addressing high CO levels is usually fairly simple, but first you have to be aware of them.

Monitor the race car by connecting CO Sensors to existing Data Acquisition and Telemetry equipment. See the CO levels change with all your other data; you can easily identify issues when integrated with the rest of the data.

Monitor the garage and workshop with USB connection to a PC.

Monitor the dyno room connecting to most existing dyno equipment.

This product concept started when one of the founders ended up with Carbon Monoxide poisoning due to a poorly ventilated dyno room. Also having been subjected to high concentration Methanol, we decided that if we've experienced these issues, then others probably have too.

The problem with these toxic gases is you don't recognize the effects immediately (I went home feeling poor with blue finger nails) or until the threshold has become well past safe levels.

The device is available as either a Carbon Monoxide or Methanol / Alcohol Sensor. It can be connected to most Data Acquisition systems, ECU or Telemetry equipment, used as stand alone (in garage or dyno room), or connected to a PC via a USB cable.

These compact Sensors include an LCD display to give live readings and also provide either CAN, analog or USB output so that the Sensor can connect to most existing systems and computers quickly and easily.

Methanol version now available.


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