BioTelemetry - Includes Driver Sensors

BioTelemetry Package - Biometrics for Motorsport

Combat Stress, Overheating & Fatigue with BioTelemetry

All the fundamental devices needed to get you started with Biometrics in Motorsport. 


  • The BioTelemetry Biometric Receiver
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Body Temperature Sensor
  • Installation Kit

Pre-configured to work straight out of the box.

Heart Rate and Body Temperature Sensors connect wirelessly to the BioTelemetry receiver, which can be connected to your Dash, Data Acquisition System or ECU. The BioTelemetry receiver can be used as stand alone device with its own internal logging.

We recommended that each driver has his or her own personal Heart Rate Monitor and Body Temperature Sensor. A single BioTelemetry receiver can support up to four drivers and eight devices.

We offer either a Arm Band or Chest Strap version of the Heart Rate Sensor. Read about selecting the most appropriate heart rate monitor for you HERE.

Additional Driver Kits, Spare Kits and Oxygen Level Sensors are also available.

More sensors coming soon -- join our mailing list to keep up to date with new sensor technology as it emerges!

BioTelemetry is a Australian made productBrochure          BioTelemetry Brochure

 DocumentationBioTelemetry Documentation

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