Motor Racing Biometrics: monitor race car driver heart rate, body temperature & blood oxygen levels

Put the Driver in the Telemetryput the driver into the telemetry

BioTelemetry wirelessly puts the driver's Biometric data (heart rate, body temperature and blood oxygen levels) into the existing Telemetry data.

Monitor the driver's vital signs with the vehicle's existing telemetry systems. The driver's Biometric data is just another system in the vehicle that you can log and analyse.

For years we have been monitoring everything on the car -- everything except the driver!

Integrated Biometric Telemetry data

How Biometrics Can Improve Driver Performance

  • Identify, understand and prevent Driver Stress and AnxietyStress and anxiety are the body's way to signal when a driver is in an uncomfortable situation. When the driver stresses, their anxiety levels increase and so does the probability of making a mistake.  A calm, relaxed driver means they are confident and in control.
BioTelemetry - wirelessly recieve Biometric data from your race car driver
  • Identify and prevent Driver Fatigue.  Fatigue can be caused by many different factors, but it is well known that a fatigued driver will not perform at the same level as they would if they were well rested and prepared. Understand and prepare your body for the physical demands of motor racing.
    Tailor your Training.  This Biometric information can be used to tailor training programs to best prepare for the physical requirements for racing. Train right so you can perform to your optimum level.
  • Monitor your Driver.  Continually monitoring the driver's Biometric data -- just as you would monitor other systems and components on the vehicle -- will show trends in performance and enable you to see when a driver is operating outside their normal parameters.

"It has become abundantly clear that a fast driver is a calm driver."
Luke Sieders, team manager of Sieders Racing Team