Biometric Wireless Connectivity

Wireless connects driver to telemetryFor comfort, safety and ease of use it is best to connect the driver wirelessly so that they are unencumbered. A wireless Biometric receiver is required to connect the driver's wireless data to the vehicle's telemetry system (ie. dash, data acquisition, live telemetry and/or ECU). The BioTelemetry device from Wireless Motorsport does this.

It can be critical to identify exactly where and what situations impact a person’s involuntary Biometric responses in Motorsport. With the Biometric information integrated with all the other vehicle and motor sensors, it is easy to identify what and where a driver is impacted and how it influences performance. Additionally live Biometric data may be overlaid onto many different Motorsport video systems, which makes exciting and informative coverage!

MoTec Interperter displaying Drivers heart rate and stress at different locations around the track
Common factors influencing a driver performance:
  • A specific corner
  • A section of a circuit
  • Traffic
  • Starts
  • Qualifying
  • New circuits
  • Race meetings
  • Higher temperatures
  • Colder temperatures
  • Wet conditions
  • Crowds
  • Fatigue
  • Dehydration
  • Poor nutrition
  • Poor physical condition

BioTelemetry from Wireless Motorsport is designed to be able to communicate with popular systems such as: MoTeC, AIM, RacePack, DriftBox, HalTech, PI, Cosworth, Bosch and many others. These are available with easy to use plug-and-play kits.

see your drivers Biometric live along with the other live data