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Biometrics for Motorsport

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Biometrics for Motorsport Overview
BioTelemetry Flyer
Recommended Monitors and Sensors to use with BioTelemetry


Plug Pin-Out 
BioTelemetry User Guide
Heart Rate Monitor Quick Start Guide
Body Temperature Sensor Quick Start Guide
Blood Oxygen Level Sensor Quick Start Guide
Web-based Configuration

 BioTelemetry Firmware

Latest Firmware :  V1.19 - March 29, 2016 Download BioTelemetry Firmware
Release Notes BioTelemetry Firmware release notes
Old Firmware Versions Download BioTelemetry Firmware

MoTeC Support Files

BioTelemetry CAN Template  - March 29, 2016

MoTeC Master Channel - with Additional Biometric Channels MoTeC
MoTeC Analogue Calibration Tables 
Heart Rate Analogue
Driver Temperature

AIM Support Files

AIM Custom Heart Rate Sensor 

Custom Driver Temp Sensor


BioTelemetry CAN - DBC file
DBC CAN files are used with many different systems