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The most critical and variable part of any race car is the driver - use Biometrics to optimize your driverIn the heart of every Motorsport team...

In the center of every racing car...

Amidst high precision, advanced technology and detailed analysis...

Resides a human being.

BioTelemetry gives insight into the most variable component in Motorsport – the Driver. 

Wireless sensors gather the driver's Biometric data (heart rate, body temperature and blood oxygen levels) and put it into the existing Telemetry data.  This allows for fast, comprehensive analysis of the driver along with all the other vehicle systems in one comprehensive overview.

For years we have been monitoring everything on the car -- 
everything except the driver!

Driver Biometric data recorded by the existing data acquisition device


"It has become abundantly clear that a fast driver is a calm driver." 
Luke Sieders, team manager of Sieders Racing Team