BioTelemetry Research Program: Assisting the Advancement of Motorsport

For a limited time, we can provide BioTelemetry evaluation units or products at a reduced price to organisations and institutes who wish to further advance the field of Motorsport science. This program will assist and expand the research of Biometrics in Motorsport.  All we ask is for researchers to share some of their findings and observations for the safety and benefit of the Motorsport community.  

Please contact us and inform us of your organisation's research plan and how we may be able to assist.

BioTelemetry Early Adopters ProgramWhat we have learned in a short period of time has given us a greater understanding of what makes a more competent driver and what external factors can have an impact on driver performance. But there is much more to learn.

Some factors not only have an effect on performance but also on safety, which should be a concern for all. We have seen drivers become overheated in a short time to very dangerous levels, and we have observed extreme stress levels with unsustainable high heart rates which could be deadly for people with heart conditions.

We also encourage research bodies, Motorsport-oriented coaches, doctors and others to help further research either by sharing your experiences or results so that all can benefit.

Please contact us with any questions, requests or information to share with others.

Wireless Motorsport assisting with Motorsport Safety Research