Biometric Sensors

Biometric Sensors monitor the human body’s functions. 

BioTelemetry receives data wirelessly from different Biometric Sensors and makes this data available to data acquisition and telemetry systems as well as displaying it live on the device's  display.

Basic Biometric Sensors:

Motorsport Biometric SensrosHeart Rate is the foundation Biometric parameter.  Rapid changes in heart rate, sustained high level heart rate, declining heart rates – these give a Biometric picture of how a person’s body is reacting to different situations.  Heart rate can show increases in stress, onset of fatigue and overall wellbeing of an individual driver.  The Heart Rate Sensor offers great insight into what the major factors are that might affect a driver.

A driver’s Body Temperature often gets too high.  It is well documented that cognitive abilities and reaction times diminish if a person overheats.  This worsens as dehydration and fatigue set in.  By monitoring, you can identify if temperature is outside the ideal condition and what factors may have a significant influence on these temperatures.

Muscle Oxygen Levels show the oxygen saturation levels in the muscles.  This sophisticated Sensor will accurately identify levels of fatigue.  As oxygen levels decrease, so does muscle response and cognitive ability.  Monitoring the levels gives a clearer perspective on the stresses and responses of the driver's biological systems.  Very insightful for tailoring training programs to suit individuals.