Motorsport Biometrics in Action

Watch Biometrics in action.  This insightful video shows how fit a driver needs to be.
Monitoring Biometric data (heart rate, body temperature, oxygen levels) with our BioTelemetry receiver makes it easy to identify driver stress,  which will then help you determine what is causing the stress and exactly where it happens. See if you can decide what was causing this driver's increased stress.


BioTelemetry was used in making this video.  Thanks to Rhino Productions, William Powers Racing and Anglo Australian Motorsport for the video footage and telemetry data.

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Chris Blomfield-Brown
Chris Blomfield-Brown


Chris an avid competitive cyclist has been running his race engineering consulting group for over 12 years. He also taught for various Motorsport Programs and continues to mentors FSAE and Student F1 projects and is always open for questions

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