How to Connect ANT+ devices to data acquisition and telemetry systems

ANT+ telemetry data logging
If you would like to connect your ANT+ devices to a data acquisition or telemetry system, take a look at BioTelemetry from Wireless Motorsport. This new BioTelemetry device easily connects ANT+ compatible sensors to existing data acquisition and telemetry systems.

The BioTelemetry receiver was developed by Wireless Motorsport and was originally targeted for the Motorsport market, but has recently been finding much interest in other disciplines that wish to connect ANT+ devices to their existing data logging telemetry systems.

The real benefit is that we can tie in the ANT+ sensors with all the other systems into one system for seamless integration. Post-processing data is often difficult or cumbersome, but having all the data integrated seamlessly has major advantages and provides a more accurate representation for your data analysis.

Connecting ANT devices to telemetry systemsThe BioTelemetry device receives from many different ANT+ compatible devices and in real time, outputs the data either as Analogue or CAN compatible formats. BioTelemetry makes your ANT+ sensors look like other standard sensor for easy integration into your existing telemetry systems.

Please contact Wireless Motorsport for more information in connecting ANT+ compatible devices to your existing data acquisition and telemetry systems.

Chris Blomfield-Brown
Chris Blomfield-Brown


Chris an avid competitive cyclist has been running his race engineering consulting group for over 12 years. He also taught for various Motorsport Programs and continues to mentors FSAE and Student F1 projects and is always open for questions

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