Professional Driver Trainer Stephen White (Whitedog) Utilizing Biometrics

BioTelemetry is the next generation in sports science for athletes.  The device can enable them to maximize their peak performance.Stephen White - Whitedog - professional driving coach

Learning how the body copes with heat, stress, adrenaline and emotion by monitoring heart rate is fascinating!  It's the a next step in a driver's career -- to look at the stressors on the body and learn how to manage these just like you would do for the engine in your race car.

I work as a professional race car driver and a driver coach in Motorsport.  First fitness was the key to a driver's success, then sports psychology came along, and now we have Biometrics, which measures a driver's heart rate, heat and stress in the car.  This technology is the next step forward for any driver looking to perform at their peak in the race car.

Greg James
Greg James


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