Biometrics in Action

Recently a team reported very positive results using our BioTelemetry connected to their MoTeC dash.  In the first race they noticed two things: the driver got very hot (38.5 Celsius) and his heart rate set off new high levels.  His performance was not at his typical level and he ended up falling off the circuit five times and finishing with a poor result.

Sieders Racing utilizing Biometrics - Bruce Oaklands and Stephen White
They saw that the driver’s temperature increased the most while sitting on the dummy grid waiting to go out in the session.  So in the next race they did a few basic things to keep him cooler while waiting on the dummy grid: better sun shades, doors open to let a breeze through, pouring cold water onto his undershirt before leaving, and leaving the windows down during the observation lap.  Did these little things help?  Absolutely! His body surface temperature went from 38.5 to 33 degrees Celsius and he felt much more comfortable.

During the first race they observed a few things that increased his stress levels: a malfunctioning radio, traffic and a particular section of the circuit.  So they dealt with the issues on the car, and put into place a few procedures to help minimize other stressors.  The results were measurable and in the following race they recorded a much lower, more reasonable heart rate.

By putting some simple processes in place, they witnessed the driver's best result to date. The driver was very pleased with his performance!  There were many factors that boosted his performance; and capturing and displaying the Biometric data using the BioTelemetry device was definitely part of it.

This is yet another example of a race team using Biometric data to get the best performance out of their drivers.

Chris Blomfield-Brown
Chris Blomfield-Brown


Chris an avid competitive cyclist has been running his race engineering consulting group for over 12 years. He also taught for various Motorsport Programs and continues to mentors FSAE and Student F1 projects and is always open for questions

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