Biometrics Use in Formula 1

Read this article in the Sydney Morning Herald by Lia Timson about how F1 drivers want to use Biometric information to optimize their performance.

See the link:…/australian-grand-prix-were-world-ch…

Our Biometric Receiver, called BioTelemetry, provides the information that world champion F1 drivers are looking for!  Our product is available for all levels of motor racing -- from karts, drags, motorcycles to cars.

The information gained from the BioTelemetry can be used to tailor trainign programs to best prepare for the physical and psychological requirements for racing.  Now you or your driver can learn how to optimize performance.F1 Biometrics Sydney Morning Herald Lia Timson - Australian Grand Prix: 'We're world champions, we want to be better,' says Lewis Hamilton

Our product will identify who is driving the car, their heart rate, body temperature and blood oxygen levels.  This information plugs directly into a dash, data acquisition or ECU and the information is integrated with all the other vehicle sensors in real time.  

You can see where a driver's heart rate increases on the circuit or other factors such as traffic that might increase driver stress and thus their heart rate. It's been an eye opening experience to have access to this data.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Chris Blomfield-Brown
Chris Blomfield-Brown


Chris an avid competitive cyclist has been running his race engineering consulting group for over 12 years. He also taught for various Motorsport Programs and continues to mentors FSAE and Student F1 projects and is always open for questions

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