Which heart rate monitor should you use for Motorsport

BioTelemetry is designed to connect Wireless Biometric sensors to existing Data Acquisition and Telemetry systems.  The two most important Biometric Sensors to be used in Motorsport are Heart Rate and Driver Temperature.  Both of these sensors can give valuable insight into driver performance as well as health and safety.

Arm Band Heart Rate MonitorMotorsport is a harsh environment which presents many issues for Biometric devices like heart rate monitors and body temperature sensors.  We have tested many different devices and only supply those that we have had the best and most reliable results with.

We currently supply two types of heart rate monitoring devices: Arm Band and Chest Strap

The Arm Band is a new system that is comfortably worn on the forearm and uses very reliable and accurate optical sensors to measure heart rate.  This has become the preferred system for most drivers, because it is easy to strap on once the driver is suited up.

Chest Strap Heart Rate MonitorMost athletes may be more accustomed to wearing the Chest Strap.  The strap is worn around the chest and measures the heart’s electrical pulses.  The Chest Strap also provides very accurate and reliable data.  However, it is not as easy to strap on once the driver is suited up.

We are finalizing one additional high-end device that measures the body’s core temperature and heart rate through the ear.  We have made some enhancements so that it may now incorporate a drivers audio device making it a viable solution. 
Please contact us for further information on this new device.

Ear heart rate and body core temperature Biometric Sensor




Each system has advantages and disadvantages which are summarized in the following table: 

Device Advantages Disadvantages
Arm Band
  • Preferred system for most drivers
  • Easy to use with simple on/off button
  • Easy to put on even if fully dressed
  • Easy to turn on/off under race gear
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Needs to be recharged more often than a Chest Strap
  • Provides approximately 8 hours of continuous use
  • No auto on/off
Chest Strap
  •  Battery can last years
  • Auto on/off when worn
  • Currently the most common type of device used by athletes
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Not recommend if wearing a cool suit (inaccurate readings)
  • Awkward to apply if already dressed
  • Dry skin can prevent it from starting (wet probes can fix this)
Ear Piece
  • Measures inner ear core body temperature, which is extremely accurate and reliable
  • New high-end technology
  • Proven to work in the Motorsport environment & with BioTelemetry
  • Needs to be recharged more often than the Chest Strap
  • Currently does not integrate with drivers Audio device – now testing a modification to rectify.
  • Higher cost


Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about Biometric sensors.

Chris Blomfield-Brown
Chris Blomfield-Brown


Chris an avid competitive cyclist has been running his race engineering consulting group for over 12 years. He also taught for various Motorsport Programs and continues to mentors FSAE and Student F1 projects and is always open for questions

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