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how fit is your driver

The driver should be the fittest person on the team is a fair statement.  It’s been shown that even a small amount of fatigue or heat stress can performance will be impacted and your chance of making a mistake increases.

Do you believe you are the fittest person on the team?  You may be in for a bit of a challenge if you race with one Australian based team....

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tired of the gym, use your go-kart to get race fit

Want to take your racing seriously but don’t enjoy the gym or traditional training?

Ben at Fitness2Podium has a great idea for you: climb in your go-kart and structure your time more effectively to better prepare you for the upcoming racing season.

Read on to see how you can turn your go-kart into effective exercise equipment.

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From Karts to Cars

January 24, 2017


making the transition from karts to cars

Many Karters take the leap to cars but they often struggle. They were fast in Karts, but in the realm of cars they no longer dominate. There are common issues that many drivers struggle with; these are outlined and addressed in the following article.

So if you are thinking of making the jump from karts to cars this may give you some ideas to help speed up the learning curve.

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The most effective Motorsport Biometric solution is a fully integrated system.
An integrated solution is one where the Driver's Biometric sensors are connected to the vehicle's existing data logging and telemetry equipment. 
Driver Biometric data such as heart rate and body temperature show up along with speed, g-force, rpm, etc. in the live telemetry stream or the analysis software. This makes the driver another measurable system of the vehicle.
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This new Wireless system puts a racing dash into the driver's/rider's helmet. The important information is always present in the driver's view while maintaining full attention to their driving. 

Turns any modern vehicle into a race car.

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A recent article published in Speed Secrets Weekly showing how the use of Biometrics in Motorsport can benefit driver performance.

Speed Secrets Weekly

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Biometric Eye TrackingIf you ever find yourself as the subject of eye tracking be aware they can be very accurate and where you look at people can end up to be fairly embarrassing as the systems can be very accurate.

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Motorsport is primarily occupied by mechanical-oriented people but our machines are piloted by humans.

Are you doing the same analysis and preparation for the driver as you are on the vehicle?


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Analyzing Biometric data overlay-ed with other vehicle sensorsHeart Rate can tell a lot about your driver – more than most teams are aware of.

Understanding drivers maximum heart rate and training heart rate zones can start to give you insight in the health and safety of the driver, the physical effort they need to be able to sustain and the detection of stress.

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The two most important
Biometric Sensors to be used in Motorsport are: Heart Rate and Driver Temperature.  Both of these sensors can give valuable insight into driver performance as well as health and safety.

The following article gives some insight in choosing the most appropriate heart rate device for you.

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